Anybody else struggling with less enquiries?

I have found that the last few weeks I’ve had practically no enquiries. I’ve never struggled with this before, ever! I have gone from 15 hours a week with tutorful to 5 after GCSE students have gone, and students having a break over the holidays.
This has never been a problem before, as I’ve always managed to fill my empty slots really quickly, and I’m definitely starting to panic now. This is my full time job, so it’s really worrying! I do have a couple of students outside of tutorful, but this is my main earning platform.
I know we have all talked about changes in the order system, but I’ve looked and I’m still on the first page from what I can tell (although I am lower down than usual).
Is anybody else experiencing the same thing? Are there just less students looking for tuition? I don’t think it’s the time of year, because this time last year I had 12 hours with tutorful.
My repeat client score is 10/10, booking score is 7/10, I have 19 5* reviews and a 45 min response time. My profile is all the same (just updated to account for extra experience etc) so I’m not really sure what is going on. Maybe there’s less students due to the cost of living going up so much? Any ideas?


Hi Heather, I’ve noticed that Tutoful has changed back to the old ordering system two days ago! So just give it some time for enquires to get back to normal. :blush:
However, I also haven’t got any new enquires since the new ordering thing happened. Hopefully it is just a temporary situation and everything will get better soon! Maybe the hot weather these past few days has made people all go out to get some fresh air. Also, hopefully Tutorful could do some more advertisement to attract more new users. :crossed_fingers:


Glad this has happened as I will looking for some students for August(make myself online again last week in July) to keep me tied over before the schools go back in September.

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Yeah, I’ve had the same - though it picked up a bit on Thursday. I am worried that the cost of living means tutoring is more of a luxury than ever, which is why I’m hoping Tutorful are working hard behind the scenes to advertise more than ever!

Keep the faith and I hope it picks up soon :slight_smile:

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Ah that’s good to hear! I really hope so!

Oh it’s good to hear you’ve had a busy Thursday! I hope it’ll pick up some. I’ve had to apply for another site, but starting from the bottom again is pretty disheartening, and doesn’t help me right now. Fingers and toes all crossed that I get some messages soon! I do think the cost of living will affect it, but I expected a reduction rather than pretty much no interest. I’ve had 2 new students and both are word of mouth/ a sibling of someone I already teach.
I agree, I really hope a lot more is put into advertising. Fingers crossed!

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I think the reduction in demand would be minor as tutoring is thought of more as an ‘essential’ than a ‘luxury’ these days as the state school education system is not up to scratch.

I ‘teach’ classes of 30 in mathematics and physics and believe me even 2 of me would not be enough to properly teach all the class most of the time!

People are far more likely to give up holidays, new car and eating out at fancy restaurants than deny their children the chance to get better grades in exams in my opinion.

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I agree, absolutely, but I still feel private tutoring is a privilege only certain people can afford.

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Yeah, there’s probably going to be a bit of both.

It certainly feels a little deflating at the moment (I’ll be averaging 10-12 platform lessons and 12-14 total during the summer myself which is a reduction on last year) but you have to remember two things.

First, Tutorful’s only recently gone to F2F & Online again so there will be updates done on the site to increase activity.

Secondly, results days. Don’t forget what a momentum shifter that can be. AS Results and failed GCSEs do tend to elicit a demand for tuition.

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Yes, that’s fair, but it’ll be a while before results days and I do need to work over the summer. It’s just a bit concerning considering I’m at a third of what I would usually have this time of year. Im not worried about end of summer, just getting through the summer.

I have been relying on my one and only repeat client all year so far. I have had just two enquires all year that didn’t lead anywhere. I used to be busy but I’m almost forgetting I’m a tutor at the moment! I hope things pick up. I’m having to think of other sources of income.

Oh I’m sorry to hear that :frowning: I’m lucky I have some daytime tutoring with another company that gets me some work, but I let that dry up a bit while tutorful was going well because it didn’t earn as much.

Well, my scores have dropped a bit, so I won’t get any enquiries for a while now. Just got to be patient and hope my new ones come through and want to book second lessons!

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A few things have changed. There is now massive competition. Just do a search for tutors. There are loads of agencies with loads of ‘fantastic’ tutors available. Teachers now seem to top up their salaries by tutoring and civil servants ‘working’ from home are also offering tuition as well as students themselves. There is an economic crisis and families are worried about spending too much. If you are not getting enough business then you have to consider making yourself more competitive. When I read this I’m wondering what hourly rate people are charging. We are lucky in that we have no overheads so getting busy it doesn’t cost us. Rather than sitting around with no work why not advertise a summer rate? I’ve done £15ph before.


I’m not sitting around with no work, I have work with another agency and I’m signing up to others, but the pay is significantly less and tutorful has always been the best earner for me, which is why I’m asking about it.
I wouldn’t go down to £15 an hour. Personally, I don’t think qualified teachers should ever have that low a fee, especially when there are University students with no teaching experience on the site charging £30. It devalues what we do. I know there is an economic crisis at the moment, so that does make it tricky, but I think in regards to completion it would be good for tutorful to push advertising more if possible, rather than us just lowering our rates, despite experience and qualifications.


Oh that’s a shame! Fingers crossed for you.

Thanks! It’s the most worried I’ve been in 4.5 years of full-time tutoring. I think it might be time to branch out and use other agencies (I use a few local ones but nothing else really) and if Tutorful aren’t going to help, then time to branch out.


If tutorful pay more for advertising they will have to charge a higher commission to us to cover that cost. I’ve just done a search on tutorful for maths tutors and it returned nearly 3000 tutors. Supply and demand, if there is massive supply price is driven down, it’s called the free market. I’ve tutored lots of students for nothing. It didn’t ‘devalue’ what I did, rather the reverse.

I’ve already started branching out. I hate it, because my fee will drop again as I build up, but it’s the best option I think.
I’ve been tutoring for about the same time and I’ve never known this. Its very worrying!
I did get one enquiry yesterday, but they haven’t replied yet. Fingers crossed!

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