Any theories on why the jobs board has dried up?

I’ve got a lovely bunch of regular students, but I keep an eye on the jobs board in case I can squeeze in a couple of extras during the holidays. This time last year and into the summer the board was packed and I could barely keep up with my messages, but over the last four or five months it’s become quieter and quieter - lots of days the job board is totally empty, or there’s just one job which vanishes overnight. Are other people seeing the same thing, and does anyone have any theories on why this is happening?


Hi Marcy,

I’m also seeing this and I believe it’s because of COVID-19 and the fact that loads of education has moved online and many people seem to be turned off by that. Where are you based, and what subject do you teach?


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It’s reassuring I’m not alone at least, thank you! I was wondering if possible because lots more kids are attending Zoom school, parents are reluctant to add on yet another hour sitting in front of the computer?

I’m based in London and teach English and Humanities. I used to check my jobs board for local jobs, and then the subject page for English/History/Politics where I could see and apply for jobs with students based anywhere in the UK (since everything is online), but I’ve not seen a job on the subject pages in weeks (even when there are jobs in that subject appearing on my local jobs board). It’s strange!

I’ve found the same thing. Ironic. Before Lockdown, I occasionally glanced at it, more out of interest than anything else, as I was getting lots of requests and had a fairly full-on work schedule so tended to turn a lot away. Then suddenly, as I had time on my hands, the requests began to dry up. Many regulars did so for financial reasons, others out of sheer panic and I was left with a handful of mainly older, professional clients. As they began to drift or conclude (they got what they came for), I’d occasionally glance that way and find the cupboard empty. Has it been disbanded?

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I’ve had very little success at securing jobs from the jobs board mainly I think because I’m at the expensive end on price so have given up looking however it may be due to that now the majority of tutors are online and most lessons are only available online, tutors can apply from any where in the country rather than from a small geographical area so the 4 applications get in very quickly and then the job disappears.

Hi @marcywestamacott ,

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve not been seeing many jobs on our Jobs board recently!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of our tutors are now tutoring online and we (Tutorful) are not currently advocating in-person lessons in line with government guidelines and to keep our tutors and students as safe as possible.

As a result of this, people now do not have the limitations of location so there is a lot more competition for online jobs! As only 4 tutors can respond to a job before it’s closed (to prevent the student from being spammed with messages), they tend to get snapped up very quickly.

If you haven’t already done so, I would recommend downloading our Tutorful app so that you can check the jobs board a few times a day without having to be at a computer. I’ve added links to our app on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store below.


I have had most of my work from the jobs board- however they do come and go very quickly in many cases (minutes). Make sure you have entered all the possible subjects you tutor- for example I mainly teach EFL but EFL students often post under things like ‘English GCSE’ even if they aren’t actually GCSE students.

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Yes I exactly believe that’s the case, as these kids are on a computer for like 5 hours a day on Zoom, students tend to be irritable after that long on the computer. I’m also based in South East London, and I’m doing Science and that’s quite practical-based depending on the topics.

Just like Rachel_Tutorful said on here it’s quite competitive but you’ll get there as your subject is quite a specialist subject-ish…

I hope that this helps, as it took me a couple of months to find the right student for me.

Thanks, Rachel, that’s good to know. I always wondered why it seems to stop at 4 applicants, but I never knew there was a limit.

Whenever I check the job board, there are a few sporadically, but not as many as there used to be. I think jobs go like hotcakes on there and people book up quickly. I’ve been very lucky as I’m not ‘open’ right now, but it is frustrating when you need to fill a slot.

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A few months ago I was getting regularly contacted and booking up quickly. Now I feel the same, it’s been quite quiet on the jobs board, I wonder if it will improve as we approach what would be the exam months… :thinking:

Wow. Thank you for this.

In my experience most of the students looking for tutors are students taking external examinations as all exams have been cancelled no need of a tutor to prepare exams. I am sure next year will be lots of people looking for tutoring as students currently in year 10 and 12 will do exams and they are missing lots of school work.

A few months ago students were preparing for external exams and mock exams. Everything was cancelled in January.

I have never really used the job board since the lockdown. I have never needed to until I did.

I have found that you have to respond to adverts so quickly as the competition is fierce. I do feel there are less jobs compared to previous years which has made the jobs board more competitive.

I haven’t looked at the jobs board in a couple of years, so I can’t really comment on any seasonal trends, but I think a lot of students are just spending so much time on their computers due to online learning that the parents feel any more is just too much. I’ve actually had a couple of students suspend tuition until they get back into school for precisely that reason.

My guess is that as soon as they’re back in school the jobs board will light up.

Of course, I could be completely wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.

I have noticed the same, as usually at this time of year I have numerous requests from GCSE and A Level students to prepare for their exams. I check the jobs board daily and there are certainly less and I am getting less direct requests. I also feel that because of the indecision with regards to school exams and assessments this year there are parents that could be hanging back and waiting to see what is happening. Also, the government has pledged catch up lessons and extra funding for tuition so this could also influence whether parents will pay or get the help free through their schools.

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