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Another suggestion!

Does anybody else get notifications on the app whenever a job is posted? I should, but I don’t, and I think this will make it easier for some that miss jobs (because they are only up for such a short period of time now!). I think everyone should get a notification when a job is posted in the jobs section of the app. That would certainly work for me, and it’s up to me whether I reply.

It will increase the competition, but at least everyone will know about it, so it makes it fairer I guess.

Just thinking of ways to help people find jobs easier!


I didn’t even know there was an option to get notifications when jobs are on the app? To be honest I can’t remember the last time I saw any jobs on the app but I have seen and applied for a few in the last month on the website. I believe someone has already raised up the issue of the app having less jobs than the website or none at all.

I like your idea as it gives everyone a chance to see it, but I wonder if there could be technical issues if a large number of tutors click on it at the same time? Brings back the memories of frozen websites when trying to sign up for classes at uni as soon as they were released :joy:


That’s a good point, too much activity could well crash it! It would very much be a case of first come, first served!

Even if it’s not on the app, we could get notifications on the website too? Just thinking in terms of fairness? It’ll make it very cut-throat, but it is anyway!

I don’t seem to get any notifications from the app, including messages from students…

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I do get the notifications on the app. However, in just 5mins, the notification disappears, even when in the middle of writing a message to apply for the job.

What I do to stop that is I have a template that I use to quickly apply for a job, not ideal but it means I don’t have to write it out all the time. I them edit it to suit the job.

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Could I see that template, if possible?

Sure. It’s not the greatest and it needs work really. I don’t think I’m brilliant at selling myself, but then again I do have over 2100 hours on here!

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