An overview of our recent feature releases

To get things started in this category, I thought I’d do a round up of a few key features we have added to the site! I’d love to hear your thoughts on how they’re going for you and remember you can use the Feedback and Ideas channel to let us know your thoughts on all aspects of the site!

Request a lesson: As you may know, students can now request a lesson straight away after viewing a tutor’s profile. Find out more about how lesson requests work here if you’re a tutor and here if you’re a student or parent.

We recently made updates to our availability calendar feature so that tutors could add more granular time slots, making sure students and parents can only request lessons at times they know the tutor is available to teach! :calendar:

Free video chats: Following feedback from some of our tutors who said they want to give students and parents the chance to have a chat with them before booking a lesson, we have recently introduced a ‘Free Video Chat’ feature to the site. This means that tutors and students/parents can meet in our online classroom, get to know each other with a quick chat and check that they’re a correct match for future learning. Tutors can read more about this feature here and parents/students can find the information you need here.

Have you had a free video chat yet? Maybe you’ve recently requested or accepted a lesson request? Or you may just have a few questions about the features mentioned above. Feel free to use the ‘Reply’ button below to let us know your thoughts!


This feature is great! I found that it significantly cuts down the number of messages that are exchanged between me and the parent before the lesson is actually booked.

As for the free video chat, I haven’t has it yet but it sounds like a good alternative to a trial lesson. I imagine it’s particularly useful for parents who are new to the whole idea of online tutoring and who prefer face-to-face interaction over the text messages.

The video chat could also give us tutors a better idea of who we would be working with. It’s just another opportunity for us to learn more about our student’s needs and personality and get to know their parents’ expectations.

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Thanks @AnnaDuncanScience, I’m really pleased that you like our request a lesson feature! :tada:

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Free Video Chats if you do try them out - as you say, it’s definitely a great opportunity to introduce parents to our online classroom and gives you chance as a tutor to get all the information you need and make sure you’re the right tutor for them before a first lesson! :books:

We have put together a guide featuring top tips on what to do during your chat which you may find useful if you do go on to try it out. :smiley:

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I was reluctant to use the video chat as I thought it was just another way to get free information and tips. However I have used it once , I had a 30 minute chat with a parent while the student was in another online lesson. She didn’t book straight away but when she discussed it with her daughter she came back and booked. It’s only short term lessons but it was the first one at my new higher rate.

The lesson request feature I am not keen on at all… I have two price tariffs and they keep booking the wrong price in which means I have to rebook the whole booking because I can’t edit the price once booked, you have to do it all again.

I just ignore it now.

Hi @Kitty, thank you for this feedback - I’m pleased to hear that you have used our free video chat feature and went on to secure more bookings following that. :tada:

I’m sorry to hear you have had problems with the lesson request feature. The request for a lesson will come through at the hourly rate that is displayed on your profile. This is the rate that you set when editing your account. See more about how to edit the rate displayed here. I would definitely recommend setting this rate to be reflective of what you would like to charge for a lesson.

It’s important to note that ignoring lesson requests completely will have a negative impact on your scores. I’d recommend responding either way by chatting to the student as you have done before and booking in the lesson from there or selecting the ‘I can’t help’ option on the lesson request to inform the student that you’ll be unable to have lessons with them. You can read more about lesson requests and how they work here.

I hope this helps but just let me know if you have any questions :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes I’m running two separate prices , the one on my profile is my normal face to face in person price and the other is online.

I muggle through! :grin: