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AlexeiC Reporting In!

Hi everyone! I’m Alexei and I’ve been teaching all sorts of musical stuff here on Tutorful for several years now.

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The creative industries are notoriously hard to find your way through so I’m really grateful to Tutorful for allowing me to pursue my musical career without selling my soul!

2020 onwards has had it’s challenges for me as I teach mainly guitar/vocals/keyboards etc and having to figure out how to do all this stuff via the online classroom was a steep learning curve. I’m pretty pleased with my current set up and I’m happy to chat with anyone else who might be struggling to adapt their lessons to the online classroom.

Excited to see what’s to coming next for us here!


Hi Alexei, lovely to meet you. I’m Kathrin and I teach mainly German, but also occasionally dance and English. German is by far my most popular subject on Tutorful.

I tried to click on your profile link, but it said ‘this tutor is not currently tutoring’. I wonder whether it did that to other people as well, or just me?

In any case, I look forward to learning more about your experience tutoring musical subjects, which sounds like a challenging but rewarding task.


It’s taken me a while to check back here Kathrin apologies for ignoring you lol!

Yes it seems quite often that when I decline a student’s application for lessons Tutorful switches my profile to ‘offline mode’ which I have to manually toggle.

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Ah ok, makes sense! Looks like it’s back up and working now. You have a lot of lovely reviews from your students.