Advice for proofreading

Hi everyone, I’m looking for a piece of advice.

So many students send me their homework, which is hand written,and I find it hard to find a program that I can use to annotate it. When Tutorful had a very helpful download button, I used to go on to the demo classroom, annotate it there, and download it and upload it in the student’s lesson, but without the crucial download button I can’t do it anymore. Does anyone have any tips or programs I can possibly use to be able to annotate students’ work?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Katy! Thanks for another useful post! :blush: I would actually love to see what other people do because my method doesn’t always work :joy: My method is to open PDF files using Microsoft Edge and then annotate it there but with some PDFs the drawing function is disabled and I have no idea why :thinking: When it does work, it’s great because you can use different colours and save the annotated version as a separate file. And most of all, it’s free!

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I copy the document into Word and using my trusty Wacom tablet to annotate it using the draw function…

I ask for a (very clear) picture of the document which I then turn into a PDF file. I can then annotate using the comments, ticks/crosses and underline features. I use tracked changes for word documents.

I use doc hub for annotating pdfs, it’s not the best but it’s free! I would love to know of a better alternative if anyone else can recommend one.

Hi Katy,

I first use MS Word to convert the student’s file into a PDF.

I then use a program called “DrawboardPDF” (now free from the MS App Stote) to annotate it. I have an XP-Pen graphics tablet which has a pressure sensitive pen. This helps to emphasis my annotations.

This works reasonably well for me.



I use my phone to annotate it