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Achievements - Tutoring to the rescue!

Hi, I noticed an old thread from 13 Feb. Yes the greatness of us Tutors when the sometimes conveyor belt of mainstream education hasn’t worked for a learner. A past learner had lost his way in mainstream education and from what I had gathered the teachers had given up on him which was a shame, everyone has something to offer it’s a case of developing their full potential. He left school with a grade 2 in Maths and had to retake it at college, which didn’t work out for him and he left after 4 months. He said there was no individual help. He did take in the subject areas but slowly, his confidence had gone. So, the challenge was there. I boosted his confidence through identifying the positives and steady advancement of learning reiterating each his progress constantly. After 10 months and steady progress he sat his exam and …
got a grade 5 ! ! Absolutely amazing. I was aiming for an easy 4 but did that well that he got a 5. This has given him a better future through tutoring. Nigel


That’s amazing and states why we are an important aspect of the educational system. YOU are obviously a mega tutor because you understood what your student needed. It is about digging and finding the previous negative and overcoming it Well done YOU.

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Thanks Manda, cheered me up massively : )

Great I cheered you up but have self confidence YOU and no one else helped him you went the hard yards before lessons and during. MEGA RESPECT

Yes absolutely Manda ! Keeping confidence high is important, it can sometimes wane working alone and with some parts of society round here not too friendly.
That’s why this community group is great !