Accessing Personal Calendars and other issues

Tutorful’s latest “whizzo” idea is for them to access our personal calendars so that they can keep our availability updated. What cheek! Even if I kept a personal diary on the computer there is no way that gets shared - how intrusive! what an invasion of privacy.

Their “new classroom” is so ineffective that it loses me students and so my booking score goes down, stating that it is low because my lessons aren’t interesting! This makes it even more difficult to get new students!

For “improvements” like this I am now charged 20% of my fee per lesson - the same as the government charge for the whole range of services they provide. I fail to see that the new classroom offers any improvement on the old - students find it less reliable, I find it less flexible, and yet Tutorful’s fee has increased from 15% to 20% - and they no longer allow face-to-face bookings which are in normal times far and away the best form of tutorial.

Do they actually have ANY respect for us as Tutors? Do they want us? Should we vote with our feet - as I have seen repeated complaints from tutors on this community ignored or given pat, unsatisfactory answers.


I have retained some students with Tutorful, but the majority of my students now come from word-of-mouth recommendation from existing students. I use LearnCube to teach them online if face-to-face isn’t an option. LearnCube is what Tutorful used for the old online classroom. I know I find it to be substantially more reliable and stable.

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I tend to just teach on Zoom. I had a few issues with the old classroom, so moved to zoom and I’m happy with how it works to keep it that way.

I would like a higher percentage of my fee, but I still get all my students through tutorful and it saves me a lot of time advertising myself, which I hate doing. I’ve also worked for a company before that took over half the fee (they refused to disclose how much they charged the students, but from my understanding it was about £40 and I was getting £16 of it) and they had a fraction of the support and resources tutorful have.

I’ve also had a couple of times when I’ve had issues and tutorful have been extremely helpful so far.

Im not a fan of them accessing my calender, but I can’t see it being compulsory. I guess it’s handy for those who would like the option.

I really like teaching online, so it’s not a problem for me, but I understand why some wouldn’t be happy about the change, and it’s a shame they’ve taken away the option.

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I think tutorful wants tutors who like their policies and website setup, or at the very least they want tutors who on balance find it more beneficial to use their site than not. It’s understandable when they change policy that this equation may change for some tutors and it may tip the balance into becoming not worth it to use tutorful. In that case, those tutors would likely leave. However, tutorful would only be negatively affected by that if too many leave and/or if the quality of tutors declines.

So, I don’t really see how respect comes into this - this is just the nature of business, especially for self-employed workers in the tech industry.

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I use calendly and Zoom for my bookings and lessons. Tutorful classroom won’t work on iPad, which I use for everything. I did send out my calendly link to parents and students to book, but Tutorful stopped me doing this before the first booking. A pain, because it lest potential student know when I’m free, but without access to my calendar and appointments directly. It seems the did. It trust me to book something direct, using Tutorful as a free advertising service. Of course if the looked at the fact that I then booked lessons with those parents they could police this effectively by keeping an eye on bookings, a metric they already monitor and show on my profile. It would be simple to flag anyone with a low booking number and speaking to them.