A change in joining your lessons

We wanted to inform you that there is a change in accessing your lessons via Tutorful.

Before there is a bright green banner on the top of your dashboard as you log in when you have a lesson due. We have removed the “Join Lesson” button within this banner and giving you access to your lesson from your “Upcoming lessons” section in your dashboard or the “Lessons list” in your Lessons tab.

Student dashboard

Tutor dashboard

We’ve noticed that the “Join Lesson” button was causing some unpredictable behaviours which disrupted a lot of lessons in the online Classroom. We took this opportunity to align the dashboard with our new branding and styling and enhancing both Tutors’ and Students’ organisation for their lessons and classes. We’ve also added more lesson details to the lessons page so you can be fully prepared for your upcoming lessons.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new design of the dashboard and lesson pages. Please comment below.

Best wishes,

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Bright green banner is useful - but I would have thought red a better colour … being the universal colour for danger… … the danger of missing a lesson; embarrassment and the likely loss of a student. Otherwise you have gone from a viable set up to another viable set up.

Personally I have switched all my lessons to Learn Cube. Several reasons for that one of which was that with Tutorful classroom I was not allowed to enter until 30 minutes before start time to set up the classroom. That was a major headache when I had a short gap between lessons.

Is that 30 minute limit on access still applicable ??

Hi Philip,

Thank you for reaching out and giving us your thoughts!

The design reason for colour choice of the banner is because we want to make the journey into the Classroom as positive and motivational as possible. Whereas red is typically used as an error colour - we don’t want to make the students or tutors feel like something has gone wrong. Giving them a feeling of stress or embarrassment before coming into their lesson is not what we want to aim for and would rather their experience be more delightful.

I can assure you that you as a tutor will be able to access the lesson of choice anytime to plan your lessons. Then a student will not be able to access the Classroom until the time of the lesson so they will not see any spoilers on your lesson plans. If this is not, for some reason, happening, please let us know but as long as there is a booked lesson, you can enter the Classroom for it.

I hope this helps,

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Thanks Sam
I had not appreciated that the student sees the same colour on his/her screen.


I like the green very much.

I think the new set up will be very beneficial; as mentioned this morning I already had an issue but it was my own mistake! But lesson learnt to be more careful.

Here’s hoping it causes less problems.

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