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A big hello from Leeds!

My name is Richard, I live in Leeds. I’ve been with Tutorful since February 2016 and I tutor maths and sciences at secondary level.

I have a degree and a PhD in Astrophysics and did a PGCE in secondary science at the Institute of Education.

After a few years I decided that classroom teaching wasn’t for me and went off to be a research astronomer for a while (including a few years living in China!), before coming back to secondary education as a full time private tutor.

I love getting to know my students and seeing them grow and develop. I sometimes get a bit emotional after the last lesson!


Hi Richard - agree about the emotional bit - when I student has been with me a long time its quite wrenching when they finish. The other great surprise was how fast the teacher-student dynamic happens - it could take a year or more to really get to know your students and their needs, it happens a lot faster in tutoring


Hi Richard
I trained in Morley and moved to London to teach last year. I miss mushy peas done proper and a pot of hot water with my tea (They don’t get this in London.)
I have had some students for about the same length of time and I have to admit the letting go when they get where they want to be is hard.
I’d like to say it applies just to tutoring but I am equally as soft about my school students.


Lovely to meet you Richard! A fellow stargazer here! :stars:

Another fun fact about me - I had lofty aspirations of being an astronaut/astronomer when I was a child! I even completed a flying scholarship with the RAF in hopes of becoming a pilot and then being spotted by NASA! :rocket:
Sadly a severe astigmatism put the blockers on that ambition.

However, I LOVE working for Tutorful and having the opportunity to meet such diverse and interesting people!