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11+/Entrance Exam Resources


As well as tutoring Primary School aged children with subjects in the curriculum, I also tutor children in preparation for the 11+/Entrance Exams.:page_with_curl:

I have quite a wide variety of resources, both in hard copy and online, but I feel like it could be very beneficial to know what resources others use that could be great to implement in my future lessons!

I am also curious as to how you structure your lessons, get to know where to cover with the child, how you support them and personalise it to each child etc. so please do let me know how you approach lessons generally and starting them too.

I look forward to chatting with you all! :relaxed:

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I find it hard to find free resource but I look for samples and use them for Creative Writing and time my students.

Each lesson we do a different type of CW and then mark it together go over bits that were missed or areas that might not have been included. Including gramma and spelling also.

Sometimes we do lessons where I advise hun through out and others he does them completely alone.

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I bought a load of bond books when I started doing 11+ and CEM. I also use cgp workbooks.

My current student uses bond website to do practise papers while doing more general topics with me.

I recently bought flash cards for vocabulary work which are great!

Iโ€™ve had a total of 4 grammar / private school students so far. 50% success rate . I donโ€™t pick students to make me look good , if they are willing to try I will help them.

One left last year because of covid. The other that failed to get in , did well for where he started from but just not quite good enough to get in.

He is still studying with me as mum wants me to continue through secondary now!


There are a lot of sites like teachers pay teacher that can help

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